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About Jacob: If books were jail, Jacob would be a lifer - he's been <doing time> selling books for 16 years. He's most likely to be swallowed up by the poetry section, the social justice and history sections, and anywhere he can scrounge up literary fiction or experimental prose. His doppleganger is a poet and occasional performer in the Midcoast, but don't be confused. Many think that the only thing keeping him alive is an infinite series of cups of tea. 
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About Aurora: I like books! Fantasy books, science books, literary novels, you name it and I'll try it. I also like my cat and dog. They're pretty great.
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Bookstore toddler's picksSee more

Lacy's daughter Ramona is three, and--not surprisingly--book-crazy. Here are some of her early and current favorites!
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Kendra worked with us in the summer of 2017 and she has goooooood taste.
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Tessa interned with us in the summer of 2017 and would like you to check these books for younger readers out, please and thank you.
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