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Established in 2011hello hello is an independent bookshop owned and operated by Lacy Simons in Rockland, Maine. We feature a healthy mix of used, new and bargain books, as well as a selection of hard-to-find magazines, art & craft, gifts and (from time to time) select vintage items.





To maintain an active and vocal enthusiasm for books and print culture;

to help keep that culture vital and thriving;

to encourage theongoing appreciation of printed materials in an age of overdigitalization;

to provide a source for creative and handmade products,

and to do all of this with an independent spirit.


hello hello has deep and fabled roots: it began in 1992 as Second Read (later renamed Rock City), a business that was integral to Rockland's renaissance. In the spring of 2011, Lacy (then manager of the bookstore) purchased the bookstore piece of Rock City's business and transformed it into hello hello books. 

Along the way, Lacy and Rock City's owner decided to move out of the old Rock City location into a newly refurbished space just next door (check out photos of pre-and-post opening here) so they could remain adjacent to each other & enjoy some of the synchronicity that was an important piece of Second Read's beginnings while moving forward into a bold new future! Thus hello hello books can be found toward the back of Rock City Cafe, or via the side doors on Orient Street. Come over!